Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Plaisir Sucre

Well,  you already know you can get a little bit of your French on when you walk into Meuse...whether it's the La Rochere glassware from France or the Art-dy-Lys Tapestry cushions...also made in France, you can find it here...

Perhaps it is the way we coax our vintage furnishings into their next life with French sensibility and warm vanilla-toned paint; my inspirations come from many places...my heritage (Belgian), my love of France, my love of vintage time-worn things and girly-girl stuff (with Edge, if-you-please) and that classic iconic image- La Tour Eiffel - well, even that NEVER gets cliche.

I will let you in on a little secret...there is a place I go to get my own French on! A hidden gem of a French Bakery in  Kitsilano. Dare I share with you? Will it spoil my secret enjoyment if all of Vancouver comes to know it? I will take that risk and tell you that if you care to be impressed with authentic French pastries made on-site by French-born owners/bakers, make your way there soon. What is this place you ask?

Plaisir Sucre!

The pastries are the best I have had since my last visit to Belgium and France.

Fabrice calls out to his staff in French...a la Paris...and it is a melody to the ears!

Half of the patrons speak French (further proof of it's excellence!) it seems, so if you close your eyes you will be transported to the magic city itself!

The shop is unpretentious - the owners are charming and friendly, and I am In Love with every aspect of this darling bakery. Plus they call me Mademoiselle :) How can I not be charmed?

Do yourself a favour and discover it for yourself...at 2668 Arbutus St (between 10th and 11th  Avenue).

It is right on the way to work for me. I drove by for two whole months not knowing it was there! But now I know...and you do too!

Au revoir!

Baked goods images borrowed from Urbanspoon!