Wednesday, December 12, 2012

French Country Furniture Chalk Paint

Have you tried our Furniture CHALK PAINT yet? 

If you love the French Country look you can easily achieve it with our paint. 

You don't need to sand down and prime the piece first, simply paint it over any surface.

Dark wood? No problem, our paint will cover in two coats, rather than the usual primer coat plus three or four coats to cover with regular paint.

Do you want it distressed? The edges will sand away easily, the paint won't roll back or peel like regular paint does.

Vintage and antique furniture is so well made...don't give up on it yet...give it new life and fall in love with all over again. You can be green and economical at once!

Our colour palette is inspired by Gustavian design - French and Nordic inspirations in a warm pale colour array...

Stockholm White - a warm fresh white with no blue tones.
Versailles Green - echoes the soft hues of a robin’s egg and the colours of the palace.
Paris Blue - beautiful, like the city itself, with a hint of grey.
London Grey - inspired by the dynamic city that has its fair share of grey clouds, this shade works beautifully with a myriad of other tones, especially perfect with ‘French Linen’ inspired decor.
Calais Cream - like the colours of the of the rich cheeses of this area, Brie, Camembert, and Port Salut, this fresh cream hue adds depth to white-on-white decorating.
Marseilles Yellow – a buttery soft yellow that works beautifully with all the colours in our line.
Provence Lavender - a pale soft shade of lavender with just a hint of grey.


The only drawback to this paint? It's addictive! Once you get started you will be eyeing up every piece of furniture you come across...and be painting up a storm, that's how much fun it is. And it is amazing to see how your piece will transform.

Then, seal and protect your painted furniture with our Soft Lustre Finishing Wax...all natural made of beeswax, olive oil, lavender oil and lemon oil. It imparts a satin finish and is non-yellowing, so your colours remain your colours. Hope we have inspired you to tackle a project!

Hope to see you soon,