Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Talents of Joan and Ron

Today I would like to celebrate and pay homage to the wonderful talent of my
artisans Joan and Ron, the people responsible for most of the beautiful up-cycled
furniture at the shop.

In their expert hands, formerly-loved antique and vintage pieces get the royal treatment...
TLC, a little repair here, a big repair there,some pampering,  the application of their
artistic vision, elbow grease, paint, more elbow grease and VOILA,
a thing of beauty is re-born.

Did I mention the time, distance and effort it takes to scout for these pieces?
Or the muscle power in moving the piece over and over again until it arrives in my shop?

Did you know it may have once been destined for the landfill...
but instead it was recognized for it's original expert craftsmanship
and coaxed back to it's former (and then some) glory.

Thank you Ron and  Joan, you work so hard and it really shows,
your work is beautiful....Thank you.

Have a beautiful day!